Packages are generally dispatched within 2 workdays after oreder and/or receipt of payment.

Domestic shipping:

The packages are shipped via FOXPOST Parcel Terminal, Pick Pack Pont and DPD parcell services.

  • FOXPOST Parcel Terminal
    More than 100 Terminals throughout the Country.
    How does it work?
    Choose the FOXPOST delivery option. Pick the FOXPOST Cabinet nearest to You.
    When Your parcel has arrived to the automated parcel terminal, FOXPOST will send You a notification via text and e-mail. Use this unique code - knoen only to You - to open the appropriate locker of the terminal. Important: keep hold of the text message, You might need it later if You want to return the package (for free for 14 days).
    Visit the terminal, enter Your code and open the locker.
    If You have not paid yet, use Your debit card at the terminal, just like You would do it at any shop.

    Find a Parcel Terminal


  • Pick Pack Pont
    More than 800 pick up points.
    Choose Pick Pack Point delivery option and You can pick up Your packages at Relay and Inmedio Newsagent's Shops, at OMV, MOL, AVANTI and AVIA petrol stations, at Playersroom shops, at COOP shops, etc.
    If You have not paid yet, You can pay by cash or debit card too.

    Find a pick up point

    Pick Pack Pont

  • GLS
    Door-to-Door Parcel Service.

  • MPL
    Door-to-Door Parcel Service.

International shipping:

The packages are shipped via Magyar Posta up to 2kg.

Shipping Fees:

Shipping fees include handling and packing fees as well as postage costs.

Domestic shipping
  • Pick Pack Pont
  • GLS
  • GLS with COD
  • MPL
  • MPL with COD

990 Ft
1500 Ft
3000 Ft
3000 Ft
1600 Ft
2100 Ft

International shipping
  • Magyar Posta

3500-9900 Ft