Vavilo Kids - Magnetic felt toys

Our magnetic toys are embroidered onto soft coloured felt and fitted with a flexible magnet backing. High quality made in Europe. The used materials are originated from the EU. The ideal play surface for these toys can be made using Magneto magnetic paint applied to any wall surface, or you can fix decorative metal boards that we make anywhere around the house. Naturally, the refrigerator door also makes a great play surface for kids, perfect when mother is cooking in the kitchen. Eye-catching room decor for children aged 0-3.

Vavilo Kids - Metal board

Animals, vehicles and fairy tale figures as well as accessories available in our product range can be swapped around virtually endlessly to brighten up the room and make it more interesting. From the age of 3 years, children can select from a vast number of figures to play out a fairy tale, nursery rhyme or even make up their own story.These magnetic toy figures allow any child to fully develop his/her creativity. Our decorated metal boards provide bigger children with an elegant and colourful solution to the problem of where to keep notes and photographs. This type of eye-catching wall decoration can go virtually anywhere.

Vavilo Kids - Metal BoardsVavilo Kids - Metal Boards

The products that we make allow you to follow your child’s creative development from birth right up to the teen years.
Custom orders are welcome!

Vavilo Kids - Playing on metal board

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